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Born in Miyagi
Graduated from Shiseido Beauty Academy
Graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar

Since working as an intern in 1980 Shiseido beauty salon, beauty salon after three stores in Tokyo,
SAIKA to Shibuya Shoto established in 1993. Rock and The Beatles, Zabu, such as his childhood in the 1960s The Kings
Take an interest in fashion, such as Mary Quant era of Swinging London of the time and BIBA.
Know of the existence of the Vidal Sassoon in the early 1970s when I was a child,

Since then, will have an interest in a number of design Sassoon hair cut.
When I was a student in France in the first beauty in 1979.
France received the acceptance of hair designer, impressed by the nuances of the typical French Hair Design.
Have continued to explore until now the hair design incorporating the sense of France based on the brand since Vidal Sassoon cut.

Fashion magazines and photographers

Fashion Magazines and Photographer

The early 1970s, was aware of the existence of the photographers for the first time in elementary school I was a TV commercial.
It is a commercial that its commercial fashion brands JUN,
We next go photographers to shoot fashion models dressed in costume of J & R, was Richard Avadon.
Beauty in the atmosphere of the studio that CM, our Fashion Model,
Richard Avadon sportiness of our next shoot photos of our models and above all it has made it to the prisoner and me of my childhood.

I was from an early stage will have an interest in fashion photo graph with children, also came to see the women's magazine.
From late teens also began a collection of Harper's Bazaar magazines Vogue, and Jardin de mode.
In the late 1970s, but was not interested in the magazines, friends, the backbone of the I was a photographer at that time I was always called Richard Avadon.
I like fashion photo of the 1960s, is also a favorite photographer Irving Penn, David Bailey as well as in particular.