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SAIKA COIFFUR 60年代ファッション


//Alan Holston outside Dandie Fashions, 161 King's Road, SW3. From a European pop magazine, 1967.//

Alan Holston has provided these photos from his time as of one the team at key 60s boutique Dandie Fashions.

Holston joined Dandie in 1966 when it was opened by Tara Browne and Neil Winterbottom with John Crittle and Freddie Hornik in premises in South Kensington. Tailoring was supplied by Foster & Tara, the business Browne set up with father and son team Pops and Cliff Foster.

At the beginning of 1967 - by which time Browne had been killed in the infamous car accident - Dandie moved to 161 King's Road with a magnificent psychedelic decor courtesy of Binder Edwards & Vaughn.

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/Wondrous World Of Sonny & Cher, Atco, 1966. The duo plump for contrasting black + white Baba boots.//

Following the Chelsea boot post, here are a few images from THE LOOK archives which underline the pre-eminence of Anello & Davide's variant the Baba boot in 60s pop.

Vintage fashion expert Lloyd Johnson explains the distinguishing features of the Baba: "They had wooden heels, Neolite (rubber resin) soles and very grainy soft leather uppers without a toe puff."


//Pretty Things, 1964. Guitarist Brian Pendleton (far left) in Baba boots.//

According to Lloyd the Baba was priced £3 15/- (£3.75) in 1963. The Embassy, as worn by Pretty Things frontman Phil May (second left in the photograph above) were more expensive at £6.10/- (£6.50), due to the stacked leather heel and sole.

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