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I'm in a picture of hair style of a commonplace beauty salon was not interested. The photographer Brassai photo was taken wholesale roam the night in Paris in the early 1900s, for example,It was a whore and I love photo lovers have been projected at the time, There is also a picture of love (LOVE on the LeftBank) grace the left bank of the Seine in Paris to take the early 1950s of wholesale Ed Vander Elsken,Has been exploring whether there can be used as a photo of hair style photos, such as Robert Frank and (Dian Arbus) Diane Arbus.
Hair style of women captured in the photo they took is it nice even those of more than 50 years ago,There is a coolness does not fade, I will have considered whether there are Ikase to modern hair design such a thing. Photo shooting in SAIKA is SAIKA STYLE was inspired by a photo of exactly what they, And those that make up the approach of Hair Design does not feel the old SAIKA even after 20 years even after 10 years, we always thought.
It is thought that hair would be to design and style to the atmosphere of the current value for that one woman for me.

SAIKA Director Yoshihiro Saito